Heaven on Earth? A Sandbar at Musha Cay

Musha Cay may be the top place in the Bahamas to have a magical vacation with your significant other – or 23 of favorite friends – but don’t be surprised if you see more than you expect of that magic you are seeking.

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This is David Copperfield’s idea of what a vacation should look like and the illusions may be real. The co-producer of the hit film, “Now You See Me 2” that is just out in theaters now, has a thing or two to say about what happens when fantasy meets reality.
“My particular contribution to magic is to combine magic with story,” Copperfield recently told a reporter for the L.A. Times. And there is plenty of story for everyone in a stay at Musha Cay.
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Copperfield performs 15 times a week at the MGM Resort in Las Vegas to packed crowds anxious to parse the mechanics of the magician’s famed disappearing and teleportation acts. One can only imagine how he might be teleporting himself nightly to the magnificent surrounds of Musha Cay where 12 rooms spread amid five expansive houses and bungalows open to 700 acres of undisturbed tropical foliage and pristine shore lines on this for real private island.


Copperfield purchased this private island for $50 million and in the ensuing years put in just about as much into building and remodeling. He also purchased ten more islands to keep Musha Cay company. The holdings now extend to some 40 beaches (you would have to stay weeks to visit them all!) in these calm Caribbean waters of the Exuma Cay islands south of Nassau.

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On arrival guests head to their quarters, likely a large, lumbering bedroom suite in a house that might be described as English colonial with tropical flourishes containing high ceilings and mahogany wood terraces and South Asian design treatments.


All meals and most amenities are included in this adventure and guests wander from fresh seafood course pairings on the 2,200 square-foot Balinese Beach Pavilion to various customized and catered beach settings where only torchlight and moonlight illuminate the moment. A pinch, a sleight of hand and suddenly you remember this is not your average private island.

There is a 3-mile-long sandbar that David Copperfield calls “Heaven on Earth” to explore. There are other earthly pleasures to consider: a movie in a beach lounger under the stars at Dave’s Drive-in; bicycles for taking bike paths around the island; a 28-foot catamaran to head out to the other islands and beaches; a 23-foot jet-boat, jet skis, paddle boards, Boston Whalers and sailboats… just ask and watch it manifest.

“When I acquired these islands a few years ago, I made a personal commitment to transform an already perfect place into the most magical vacation destination in the world. Everything truly magical that I’ve ever experienced, everything that has created wonder for me has been re-created at the Islands of Copperfield Bay,” Copperfield told a reporter for the Las Vegas Sun in 2011.

And word traveled. And keeps traveling. Judge Judy vacations there with her family. Such notables as Johnny Deep, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and John Travolta have stayed on the island. Javier Bardem married Penelope Cruz there.

Time Magazine reported Musha Cay to be the number 2 most pinned location on Pinterest last year.

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Guests, whether famous or not, have choices. They may want their own private 10,000-square-foot villa on the crest of a hill. They may opt for a thatched-roof beach house far from sight and sound of other guests. They may choose a guest villa with two bedrooms, private outdoor Jacuzzis, and beaches, or they may go for a five-bedroom beachside villa. Naturally, there is air-conditioning throughout, satellite television, and international phone service.

Musha Cay Accommodations at a Glance:

10,000 square feet, two-bedroom main house high on a hill overlooking the 700-acre resort island

Pier House: 3,200 square feet, two-bedroom beach house

Blue Point: 3,200 square feet, two-bedroom beach house

Palm Terrace: 4,500 square feet, five-bedroom beach house

Beach House: a one-bedroom beach cottage with open-air living room and bathroom


A Stay at Musha Cay

Getting to Musha Cay can be accommodated by air and sea. Guests fly into Georgetown, Great Exuma (GGT) and transfer to a 45-minute boat ride to Musha Cay’s dock. Guests may also choose to take a 15-minute charter flight or helicopter flight to Musha’s 2,200-foot private runway.

Staying at Musha Cay is best managed as a buy-out by 24 fun, close friends and relatives where rates run $39,000 to $59,000 per night, four-night minimum. This booking concept insures that “private” is kept in the “private island” promise. And those rates, though all-inclusive, do not include transfers, international telephone calls, massage, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, special entertainment — such as fireworks, musical groups, and custom-designed treasure hunts – or gratuities.

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Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay
Exumas, Bahamas
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