Journey through Mystical Myanmar with The Strand’s Photography Cruise

Myanmar is a photographer’s delight, with glowing sunrises, expansive landscapes and characterful people. Professional photographer, Lucas Gurdjian, joins passengers on The Strand Cruise October 16th to share his knowledge on how to capture this once in a lifetime experience and improve their skills as a photographer.

The-Strand-Cruise-Cruise-1-750x370Lucas, who has over 15 years experience as a photographer, spent three years travelling the world, including a two year journey cross-country from Paris-Bangkok, the reportage for which won him the ‘Best online multimedia travel diary’ award at the Clermont Ferrand Biennale. He will coach passengers on different styles of photography, including landscapes, food photography and portraits; tips on framing, lighting, aperture and depth of field; as well as post-production techniques. Lucas has already travelled the route of the cruise from Bagan to Mandalay and identified the best times to be in each location to capture the best light, for example, for sunrise over Bagan.

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