What to do in Turkey? Ask the Expert: Sea Song

Traveling to Turkey brings out the explorer in all of us. After all, this is the land traveled by Odysseus, by Alexander the Great, and by Cleopatra. So if you are wondering what to do in Turkey, the answer is simple: explore and learn.

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If the question is what to do in Turkey, the answer is Sea Song, Condé Nast’s choice for the Destination Specialist to choose when planning a trip to Turkey. Established in 2001, the company delivers in creative customized journeys in Turkey that dazzle. Enjoy a private concert in Ephesus with the intact ruins of Greek temples and Biblical times all to yourself. Have a private meal or banquet for friends and family – in the Topkapi Palace, the residence of Ottoman sultans for 400 years.

marketDouse your desire for Dolma or become master of Meze with special culinary classes Sea Song can set up that delve into the depths of Ottoman flavors. Learn the property of local spices and then shop for them in the bazaar. Learn the secrets of great olive oil. Enjoy a home meal cooked by a host in a remote mountain village.

But what is travel to Turkey if not a journey back in time. What to do in Turkey can be answered in more than 4,000 ways and Sea Song knows that one of those answers will surely require the skills of a historical scholar. Archaeologists and historians are at the ready to take visitors to the back rooms and private collections of major museums in Istanbul and Ankara, and accompany visitors to working excavation sites where discoveries are in progress.

A special “Sacred Places” experience offers guests the chance to follow the footsteps of Paul, who passed through Turkey on his three missionary journeys. It offers a Jewish History tour that takes visitors to Anatolia and the memory of thriving Jewish life there in 7th Century BC. Sea Song guests can explore the culture of Islam through the architectural legacy of Sinan the Great
, as well as learn about the Sufi community and observe Whirling Dervishes in the trance of a Sema ritual. They can visit the revered  tomb of Rumi 
and the House of the Virgin Mary, a Catholic shrine visited by three Popes.

A visit Cappadocia will no doubt be a highlight, whether you balloon over the moonlike landscape at dawn, hike through it on endless trails leading to magical caves, bike it, horseback ride through it, or drink tea in a village café. The vision of homes carved into the volcanic landscape is mesmerizing in any season but made personal as you stay overnight in Cappadocia in a luxurious cave hotel.

Traveling in Turkey is accommodated on land and on sea. Explore sacred ruins and then set sail for a different perspective, living on your own gulet — a luxury yacht equipped with full crew for days swimming in stunning private coves and dining off the fruits of the sea.

Turkey is one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the world, attracting more than 31.78 million visitors in 2012. In April, the number of visitors in Turkey jumped 13 percent year on year.

Owner Karen Fedorko puts her name on every tour, from meet and greet to departure in a country where navigation into, through and out can be daunting for the uninitiated. As a designated Condé Nast travel specialist, she works with VIPs, groups, special events planners, and FITs to produce the experience of a lifetime in a country she knows well. Even if travelers do not require the hand holding Sea Song brings, they appreciate it all the same. But if they require the finesse of an expert to arrange and smooth the way for a problem-free visit to Turkey, Sea Song is a trusted number to call.

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Do not ask yourself what there is to do in Turkey. Ask yourself what is the right company to ask. That is Sea Song.


Sea Song
Istanbul, Turkey
(90 212) 292 85 55


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