Three Camel Lodge

In 2002, Nomadic Expeditions opened Three Camel Lodge, a luxury ger camp in the heart of Mongolia’s stunning Gobi Desert. The Lodge was named to Conde Nast Traveller’s Gold List in 2015 and was named one of “25 World’s Best Lodges” by National Geographic Traveler Magazine in 2013. Three Camel Lodge is also a founding member of the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World.

Guests stay in comfort in traditional Mongolian tents, or gers, and a striking, Buddhist-style main lodge offers a host of facilities. Nearby, ancient petroglyphs inspire imagination. An oasis of luxury in the desert, the Three Camel Lodge offers comfort and superb service while maintaining a tangible commitment to the ecology of the Gobi. There is nothing else like it in Mongolia – or anywhere else.

Three Camel Lodge is located within Gurvansaikhan National Park, blending into the stunning landscape of the surrounding Gobi desert and sheltered by a 54-million-year-old volcanic outcrop of Mt. Bulagtai. The Lodge is a one- hour drive by Land Cruiser from Dalanzadgad, which can be reached on regional flights from Ulaanbaatar. The Lodge is open from May through October annually.

Three Camel Lodge has 38 luxury gers, in addition to the Kublai Khan ger, a two-bedroom suite intended for families, and the Genghis Khan ger, with a separate living area. All feature private bathrooms, wood-burning stoves, and handcrafted and hand-painted furnishings, as well as 24-hour electricity generated by solar panels and ready housekeeping service.

The main lodge is a masterwork of design, crafted by local artisans in accordance with the canons of Mongolian Buddhist architecture – and without a single nail. Within its stone walls, Mongolian artifacts and traditional design lend a relaxed air, and a central fireplace warms chilly desert nights. A full-length wooden porch offers unobstructed views of the desert skyline – the perfect perch for sipping cocktails from the full bar. The main lodge harbors the Bulagtai Restaurant, the Thirsty Camel Bar and the Lodge shop, as well as a screening room. There is also onsite laundry service and a massage ger staffed by trained massage therapists.

At the Bulagtai Restaurant, named for the volcanic outcrop that shelters the lodge, dairy products produced by local nomadic families and organic meat from Mongolia’s free-range livestock herds are used to create regional dishes and traditional specialties, as well as Western favorites. In 2010, the Three Camel Lodge finished building its first greenhouse, which is one of the only few in the Gobi Desert, providing organic vegetables and herbs for the lodge. Accommodation includes three meals daily.

Three Camel Lodge is splendidly situated for experiencing culture and adventure in the Gobi, with ancient petroglyphs just a short walk away and wildlife roaming the vast expanse surrounding the Lodge. There are also opportunities to experience daily life in the desert during a visit to a local nomadic family or by watching passing nomads quench their livestock at the well. One can hike nearby in the foothills of the Gobi-Altai Mountains and go camel-trekking through sand dunes, horseback riding in mountain valleys, and digging for dinosaur fossils at the legendary Flaming Cliffs with paleontologists from the Mongolian Academy of Sciences. The night sky above the dark desert floor is spectacular for stargazing.

The property was built in accordance with environmentally and culturally sustainable development guidelines through a cooperative agreement with local Mongolian authorities and utilizes renewable energy resources, including solar and wind power. The Lodge has planted more than 6,000 native plants and trees throughout the camp. The Lodge actively fights against animal poaching and unauthorized removal of dinosaur fossils and hunting is prohibited within a 12-mile radius of the camp.

Address: Three Camel Lodge
Mt. Bulagtai Bulgan County
Umno-Gobi Province, Mongolia
Tel: (011) 976-11-325786
USA Toll-free: 800-998-6634